Antrach Medic is directly invested by An Trach Group, operating in three main areas: AnMedic high-tech factory, AnMedic International General Hospital and Affiliate investment in medical products serve the community. With a vision to create products of the highest quality and best service, ANMEDIC continuously develops and leads the market with new products, designs, and technologies. Currently, ANTRACH Medic’s new product development – R&D center cooperates with leading scientists, research institutes, hospitals, and schools in the country. In addition, Antrach medic always focuses on manufacturing outsourcing, technology transfer cooperation and intellectual property rights from large manufacturing corporations in the US / Canada / France / Japan / Korea and China to provide Quality medical products at the right price.


Spirit of Antrach medic: product quality is our life. Antrach medic’s mission: customer-centric, market-oriented and creates value for human health through continuous innovation. Antrach medic’s vision: to be a pioneer in the global diagnostic field. Core Values: Take responsibility bravely, persevere in the enjoyment of challenges, passionately pursue excellence. With such business philosophies, the entire staff of Antrach Medic always improve and develop products creatively and apply technology to create added value, to meet the needs of customers. customers as well as becoming a rich, dynamic and modern organization


Antrach Medic is oriented to become a high-tech enterprise with sustainable development on the basis of combining the strength of knowledge with a serious, focused and dedicated operating environment. With strong financial capacity and stable business along with a modern method of corporate governance according to new standards, Antrach has been complying with the conditions on manufacturing and trading medical equipment at the Ministry of Health. Vietnam Health is also opening an Authorized Representative of the European Union and the US to complete the procedures to complete the compliance with legal requirements of all products such as: ISO 9001, ISO 13485 , CE, MDR, IVDR, certificate of circulation in the European Union, America, … aiming to become a global enterprise.



Mr. Nguyễn Thế Anh


“I have the honor to lead an amazing team. We are shaping the future, working together towards the same goal: fostering creativity and innovation “


Mrs. Đỗ Thị Đồng


“I appreciate the analytical thinking and teamwork behind our achievements. Smart capital allocation to maximize value is a top priority.”


Mrs. Trần Hồng Kim


“I am very proud to inspire, drive cultural, people and organizational transformation to support company activities, build future talent team”


Mr. Trần Văn Linh


“We work with the criteria, minimizing production costs, creating good quality products with competitive prices, in order to satisfy customers.”


Mr. Nguyễn Thế Cường


“Our solutions help in accurate diagnosis, disease prevention, appropriate treatment for those who are sick, and faster recovery.”


Mr. Trần Văn Dương


“I’m proud of our team, doing what we say, we say what we do. Leading the change that helps people live healthier, longer lives”


Mr. Nguyễn Văn Dũng


“We research to find meaningful inventions and come up with new products that best suit the needs and tastes of businesses and partners.”